Vacuum Cleaners for the Collection of Combustible Dust

An explosion-proof vacuum cleaner is recommended for the cleaning of your premises at risk, particularly those exposed to liquid, solid or gaseous products considered dangerous. This type of machine is equipped with a tank specially designed to limit the risks of explosion or fire. R.L. Doucet has a variety of ATEX certified machines capable of collecting any type of combustible dust. The collection is done in a safe and easy process in any ATEX certified area. Maintain compliance when you safely collect combustible dust throughout your facility.

Rental of Industrial Vacuum Equipment

Mobile vacuum systems for optimal flexibility and performance anywhere in your facility.


  • Replace vacuum trucks in most cases, for substantial savings ;
  • Exceptional versatility; one piece of equipment instead of many ;
  • Long-term, heavy-duty construction ;
  • Best resale value in the industry, even after 10 years ;
  • Can be used as a fixed system when needed ;
  • Proven efficiency and durability ;
  • Models range from 5 HP to 75 HP.

Rental of Mobile Dust Collectors

Dust collection system designed for optimal long-term performance and low maintenance, all according to your needs.