Bolted Couplings
The dependable and economical method for
connecting Pneumatic Conveying Tube & Pipe.

Standard Features
• Galvanized or Stainless Steel shells available
• Precision cut inner sleeves and gaskets
• Thick
1/8” black Neoprene gaskets standard
• White, silicone & Viton
® gaskets available
• Thick stiffener bars provide added strength
• Stainless anti-static strips included
• Threaded bolts won’t strip or break
• Replacement gaskets available
• Gasket protectors available upon request
Lengths – 2 bolt 4”, 3 bolt 6”, 4 bolt 8”, 5 bolt 10”

Neoprene – Our standard black gasket for Lorenz
Couplings is perfect for most dry bulk conveying
applications. Resists rotting and cracking from
exposure to ozone. Temperature range
(-40° to +200 F°)
(-40° to +100°C).
White Nitrile – Excellent gasket for use in the food
industry. Manufactured of high quality FDA approved
(-40° to +200°F) (-40° to +100°C).
Silicone – For use in higher temperature applications.
Silicone is odourless, tasteless, non-toxic and noncorrosive. Available for all Lorenz products
(-60° to +450° F)
( -50° to +230° C).
Viton® – Please consult us for specific details
regarding this product

Extension kits are available for 3 & 4 bolt couplings
2” OD up to 12” OD. Consult us for details.

See PDF file for more information.