PDF : 3waydiverter

Standard Features :

• For dry gravity flow applications providing
a seal to the atmosphere
• Polymer blade seals prevent
cross contamination
• Sizes
4” up to 18”
• Aluminumv, Carbon Steel or
Stainless Steel construction
• Square inlets and outlets
• Blade pocket protects leading edge of
blade from wear and directs flow of
material away
• Replaceable active compression shaft
seal and urethane blade seal
• Suitable for up to
104°C (220°F)
• Removable door for cleaning and
seal replacement

Options :

• Square to round transitions
• Quick access removable door for cleaning
and seal replacement
• Solenoids – double or single acting
110 volt
AC &
24V DC NEMA 4 (NEMA 7/9 available)
• Position switches mounted on air cylinder
5V-240V AC/DC
• Pre-wiredTerminal Boxes
• Vented Ball Valve (safety feature)
• Mufflers (Flow Control or Quick Exhaust)
• Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
• High temperature modifications
• Electric actuation
• Manual Hand Lever Actuation

See PDF file for more information.