Industrial Plant Cleaning

Good industrial cleaning is essential in any factory. It is necessary to determine the type of dirt or pollutant that predominates in order to apply the appropriate techniques and products.

R.L. Doucet has found effective solutions in industrial cleaning. Our specialists have a very high level of expertise and are equipped with specialized equipment for various types of cleaning.

Combustible Dust

Cleaning industrial equipment requires proven expertise and the right equipment.
That’s why our technicians are well trained and equipped to provide a service that is :

  • Efficient ;
  • Safe ;
  • Respectful of the particularity of each environment ;
  • Effective in reducing the risk of production disruption.

We put at your disposal a qualified workforce.

Chemical, Mechanical &
Industrial Cleaning

Cleaning your production facility allows you to :

  • Preserve the health of your staff ;
  • Guarantee the conformity of your products ;
  • Protect you from possible accidents.

The R.L. Doucet team is qualified to assist you in cleaning production areas and even classified environments.

Do you need to clean a production area or even a site at risk for your safety? Our experts will evaluate your needs and propose the most efficient solution.

A clean environment allows your employees to work in a brighter and less depressing environment. It also reduces the risk of accidents. Our chemical and mechanical cleaning solutions allow you to achieve cleanliness while respecting the environment.

Cryogenic Cleaning Service

Commonly known as dry ice blasting, it offers many advantages.
Technically, the process is based on the sublimation of dry ice.
This method does not generate any dust other than that of the contaminant to be removed during the transformation of the ice particles from solid to gas.
Dry ice blasting is environmentally friendly.
This technology also allows for the accomplishment of post-disaster and mold treatment mandates.
Dry ice, by its composition, does not produce water, humidity or pollutants. Thus, there is no danger to your electrical or electronic installations.

  • Significant reduction in cleaning time ;
  • Easier to manage working conditions ;
  • Ecological cleaning that does not produce waste ;
  • Does not use chemicals (non-toxic, non-abrasive) ;
  • Effective cleaning (eliminates 90% of mold spores) ;
  • Easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

Water Tower Cleaning

Dirt, scale, bacteria and mold can compromise the cooling tower.
Cleaning has a significant impact on the operation, energy and structural integrity of the unit.
R.L. Doucet is now a leader in the cleaning and disinfection of cooling water towers. Our company provides the highest degree of care to protect and preserve the surfaces of your water tower. Our hot water chemical pressure washing technology is the most advanced in the industry.